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Human Rights Information and Documentation Center

Monthly Newsletter "Human Rights in Georgia"

HRIDC offers free subscription to its monthly newsletter "Human Rights in Georgia". Starting from January 2002 the online version of the newsletter is available in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word formats only. If you would like to subscribe to plain text version please, fill out request form below on this page. Thanks!

(To view files with .pdf extension you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader - get free version from here)


Human Rights Information and Documentation Center is pleased to offer you free subscription to a "Human Rights in Georgia" , monthly bulletin.

"Human Rights in Georgia" is one of very few sources of information in Georgia remaining independent and uncensored.

HRIDC has it's own correspondents working in various regions of Georgia. Thus the significant part of the news is not published elsewhere, neither provided by other domestic or foreign information agencies.

The subscription can be made online by filling out form below on  this page, or by sending  a message of request  to ishrg@caucasus.net  or ucha@altern.org



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