"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile"

Article 9

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Georgian Police Ė against NGO "Human Rights in Georgia"
The representatives of NGO and journalists of radio "Liberty" were beaten
Chugureti District Police is accused of Cruelty
Ex judge against President of Georgia
Deputy Ministry of Education of Georgia V. Sanadze against Human Rights teaching
Dodo Gugeshashvili demands to pardon 400 person
The next victim of Unlawfulness
The health conditions of David Injia is grave
The staff member of Prosecutorís office wonít face murder charges
105 prisoners began warning action in Rustavi second Colony
The prisoner (woman) is going to commit a suicide
Police and prosecutorís office at each otherís disposal
New projects of the Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia"
"For Peace in the South Caucasus"
"Juvenile Prisoners - part of Our society"
NGOs Human Rights in Georgia and LSL Center for Youth and Children's Programs and Projects Work out a Project on Child Advocacy
Free Consultations on Legal Issues in South Georgia
The vise-president of "Human Rights in Georgia" in Germany
Georgian Police Ė against NGO "Human Rights in Georgia"

On 8th June, 2000 Public Relations Officer of the Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" and the reporter of the independent newspaper "Dilis Gazeti" Mr. George Chanadiri were arbitrarily detained by police officers. As George says, he was standing in front of his office, waiting for his friend, when couple of drunken policemen approached him and ordered to get in police car. When he asked the reason, policemen forcedly pushed George into the car. Fortunately, after ten minutes he managed to escape while policemen were getting

-in the car and ran towards his office.

The Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" expresses its deep confusion because of the above 
mentioned incident and calls Georgian police to seize the violation of human rights and respect the freedoms 
and rights of citizens and human rights defenders.
The representatives of NGO and journalists of radio "Liberty" were beaten

Once again on the 17th of August, separated from Georgian Orthodox Church priest Basili Mkalavisvili and his supporters used their force. This time their rage fell upon the representatives of NGO "Institute of Freedom" and journalist. The court hearing was appointed on fact that took place on the 17th of October 1999. That day Mkalavishviliís team attacked the Jegovah sect and beat them.

The President of "Institute of Freedom" Giga Bokeria, member Kote Vardzelashvili and journalist of radio "Liberty" David Paichadze couldnít manage to avoid physical abuse. The opponents declare opposite, according to them it was Bokeria together with 40 men who attacked them, but video records prove the opposite.

According to Mr. Bokeria - they spoke with journalists when Mkalavishvili's people approached them with curse, which soon grew into physical abuse.

"We defend every one ho is oppressed, we will protect witnesses of Jegovah also, who are officially registered. Basili Mkalavishvili declared us Masons and traitors" Ė says Bokeria.

Itís a shame when people "armed " with icons and crosses beat people.

The Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" condemns such facts and hopes they wonít take place again and perpetrators will be punished. Otherwise the suspicions, that government intentionally doesnít react on such fact and is reluctant; proves that it is their policy to beat journalists and human rights NGOís by means of religious groups.

Chugureti District Police is accused of Cruelty

On the 6th of July Mr. Zviad Mamasakhlisi, the representative of Independent Society ,,Human Rights in Georgia", and his friend Tamaz Varsimashvili were attacked by five policemen. According to Mr. Mamasakhlisi Ė when he and his friend were sitting in car near Chugureti district Police office, Policemen approached the car and mockingly asked them "Are you waiting for "ladies?", when they heard the polite answer began beating them and took them to the police station. Mamasakhlisi and Varsimashvili were brutally batoned first in the street and then an Police department. The health of the two is seriously damaged.

The Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" considers this fact as attack on organization and attempt to threaten it's members. Chugureti district police (Office of the NGO "Human Rights in Georgia" is located in Chugureti district in Tbilisi) tries to conceal this fact and provides society with false information.

Ex judge against President

The case of ex member of the supreme court Yuri Chitlov had been examined by Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi district court in Tbilisi. Mr. Chitlov addressed the court to restore him to the previous position because the President, Parliament, and Head of the Supreme Court violated his rights. He was dismissed in time of vacation, as judge who did not undergo qualification tests.

He declares, that has defense and if exams were to begin on the 6th of May no one should let him go on Holiday on the 4th of May. The Head of the Supreme Court had to mention this fact. The representative of the Supreme Court Eka Gasitashvili declared that plaintiff knew the consequences of absence at the test and so his arguments are groundless.

Ex judge argues that heís dismissal during the holidays was not lawful. The judge declined Mr. Chitlovís arguments and presented negative verdict. Plaintiff intends to appeal court decision.

Dodo Gugeshashvili demands to pardon 400 person

One of the leaders of "Mkhedrioni" D. Gugeshashvili presented to the Head of the national reconciliation commission Vasil Maglaperidze the list of 400 prisoners. She demands, that they have to be pardoned according to the 20th April Parliament Resolution.

The list contains the members of many armed units like "Mkhedrioni", National Guard, Ministry of defence and so on. Some of them are wanted, the majority imprisoned for commission of various crimes in 1991-93.

350 ex combatants supported Gugeshashvili. If their conditions arenít met they are going to resort to protest.

The next victim of unlawfulness

Mother of three children, widow, Darejan Rukhaia, who worked in the seaport of Poti for years, was dismissed last year. The real reason of her dismissal was the fact, that She opposed smuggling. Concretely She did not sign the documents, which would give the opportunity to her bosses to get illegal income.

As if according to law she was tested and dismissed. She appealed the decision in court unsuccessfully. Then she applied to OSCE and Public Defender. The deputy Public Defender Teimuraz Lomsadze promised to assist but did not.

For several months their family lived hoping for help, assisted by neighbors and relatives. Because of shortage her 22 years of son hanged himself.

The corruption eats up family in Georgia.

The health conditions of David Injia is grave

"David Injia placed for cordial attack in hospital 10 days ago, was taken home as he insisted"- declared his lawyer Shalva Shavgulidze. Ex candidate to Parliament from Martvili region is accused of organizing of unrest in region. The court hearing was postponed until his recovery. According to Shavgulidze his health condition is grave. Now Injia is under the supervision of doctors.

It takes two months a telegram to come from Saburtalo to Krtsanisi

On the 17th of August "express telegram" came to prosecutors offices in Chugureti and Krtsanisi districts (Tbilisi) saying that two months ago three persons Alan Tuaev Zakro Kotorashvili and Yuri Mamadian escaped from Asylum.

Escaped and so what,one may ask but the question is why doctors learned about it two months later. As it appeared doctors acted promptly and as soon as learned about escape sent "express telegram", but telegram posted on 26th of June came to destination Place on the 17th of August. Itís interesting who is responsible for acts committed by three mentally ill people during this period of time?

The staff member of Prosecutorís office wonít face murder charges

According to the investigation materials the suspect in the murder of taxi driver M.Bazaleli was the staff member of General Prosecutorís office V. Siradze. He was accused of intentional murder (article 108 of criminal code). The General Prosecutorís office addressed the Krtsanisi-Mtatsminda court to impose three months imprisonment to the accused, but judge Songulashvili didnít take into consideration the Prosecutorís office opinion and released Siradze under the supervision of Police. The verdict was appealed. According to the Prosecutorís office Siradze and his relative together with one friend were in the restaurant ,,karibche". At 16:30 he ordered taxi, after that Bazaleli was murdered. The injuries found on corpse gives the grounds to suppose that murderer and victim had fight. Assumingly the suspect also had to have injures, but expertise didnít prove this assumption. The weapon of crime was not also taken. According to witnesses and Siradze himself he had service weapon ,,Makarov"-it was also examined. The gun is clean. The court found the materials against Siradze insufficient and released him in the court room. The court decision is final and canít be appealed.

The prisoner (woman) is going to commit a suicide

The hungry-strikes in Penitentiary still goes on. Prisoners demand the observance of 20th April resolution and unconditional free pardon. Their number increases day by day. Itís the second day prisoner Lia Jikia began hungry-strike in Republican Hospital of Prison. Earlier she had sewed her mouth 5 times, began hungry-strikes but in spite of many promises her case is still unresolved. This time sheís going to strike till fatal result. " Iíll go on striking till they solve my problem. Before presidential Elections Rusudan Beridze promised to help. Several months have passed after April Ė no one remembered me. Presidential Elections are left behind and I was deceived. No way for retreat. If now they wonít pay attention to me Iíll hang myself"- says Lia Jikia.

As it become known She demands to meet with Elene Tevdoradze (Head of the Human Rights committee in Parliament of Georgia) and Minister of Justice Johni Khetsuriani.

Police and prosecutorís office at each otherís disposal

Why Police officers brutally beat detainees? Why suspects confess in most fantastic crimes? Why Human Rights are violated in Georgia? Law enforcement bodies can not give exhaustive and objective answer to these questions. On the contrary no one punishes criminal policemen. There are a lot of examples when arrested persons are brutally tortured by police officers.

Several months ago the Supreme Court revised the decision concerning Mr. Gaioz Kapanadze Because of newly revealed facts. Kapanadze demands the Supreme Court to cancel charges against him because no crime was committed. Parallely the prosecutorís office investigates the case of Kapanadzeís physical abuse. During the preliminary investigations Kapanadze takes charges, he "confesses" that on the 30th of May 1997 he came home late at night, drunk, saw the car of a neighbor and decided to rob it. By means of his apartment key he opened the door of car, took a tape recorder, took a spare wheel, front right wheel and tried to get hind wheel, but was too drunk to do it. Then hid everything and fell asleep until police officers come on him.

The prosecutorís office found out: In spite of fact, that Kapanadze pointed where he had hidden stolen things no one took him there, moreover investigator did not even check the pointed place. The expertise proved that, with key, which Kapanadze hold it was impossible to open the door of car. No fingerprints match also.

Kapanadze declared that he was physically abused and determines concrete names. Mother of Kapanadze Nana Murmanishwili presented following information to the Prosecutorís office: "Head of the Police Department Ramaz Giorgadze beat my son with feet, fainted he was taken to so called "Leninís room" where Policemen Getsadze and Zazadze beat him brutally, his nose, ribs and jaw are broken. The medical expertise proved these facts. When my son did not "confess" that he had stolen tape recorder and car wheels (64 Lari cost of all these stuff) they threatened him to rape and began to take off his pants. There was no way out.

Yes it is really hard to punish three policemen, but how long prosecutorís office and police will assist each other?

105 prisoners began warning action in Rustavi second Colony

105 prisoners began protesting in Rustavi second colony. They will seize protest on 22 of August and give term to government until 15th of September. If their conditions arenít met they will take extreme measures.

More than 2 months "Zviadist" prisoners (supporters of ex-president Zviad Gamsakhurdia) undertake hungry strike action demanding the observance of 20th April Parliament Resolution, free pardon of prisoners and giving an opportunity to return for these who emigrated from Georgia. At the beginning there were 35 strikers. They wait for 17th of August what government decides. Several days ago they met with the Secretary of Security Council Sajaia and Prosecutor general Babilashvili. They asked for time to examination and revision of cases.

The Union of Democratic Meshketians Provides Akhaltsikhe Population with

Deputy Ministry of Education of Georgia V. Sanadze

against Human Rights teaching

E. Shevardnadze

President of Georgia

Z. Zhvania

Chairman of Parliament of Georgia

N. Devdariani

Public Defender of Georgia

A. Cartozia

Minister of Education of Georgia


Minister of Foreign affairs of Georgia

V. Zodelava

Mayor of Tbilisi

The UN Human Rights Committee

The UNICEF representative in Georgia

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe

The Directorate of Political Affairs of the Council of Europe

The Directorate of Education, Culture and Sport of the Council of Europe

Director of the OSCE Bureau of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

Diplomatic Missions in Georgia

Human rights organizations

Greet on behalf of the Tbilisi International Human Rights School!

Tbilisi International Human Rights School is an independent, non-political organization that aims to popularize advanced methodology of human rights teaching and facilitate introduction of the methodology through educational network of Georgia and, generally Caucasian region.

The "TIHRS" considers it to be own duty to remind about necessity of putting of the compulsory resolution #R (85) 7 "About teaching and studying of human rights" developed and adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, into the educational system of Georgia.

In 1997 the "TIHRS" began activity to improve the existed condition in the educational system with the facilitation of the OSCE human rights office in Georgia. Specifically the international seminar "Teaching human rights in the educational schools and vocational institutions of Georgia" has been held (it was discussed obstacles raised to human rights teaching, issues concerned with introduction of advanced teaching methodology, retraining of the teachers in the field of human rights, development of the granted programs in this field). Issue of Amnesty International Ė Human Rights teaching manual "First steps" adapted for post-communist and post-soviet nations Ė has been published. During current activity the "TIHRS" established business-like co-operation with creative group of human rights teaching formed at the Tbilisi Municipality Department of Education under leadership of Mr. N. Soselia, deputy head of the Department of Education.

In 1997-1999 the "TIHRS" and above-mentioned group, both together and separately, effectuated various undertakings for introduction of human rights teaching: monitoring; round tables; workshops and conferences; re-training of more than 400 teachers of educational schools in the field of human rights teaching; research of condition in the sphere of legal education of upper graders.

The analytical results (74,7% of directors of the Tbilisi educational schools, 93% of schoolmasters teaching "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", 78% of pupils of IX, X and XI classes participated in the research) confirmed that the educational system of Georgia was not ready for the human rights teaching on the reasonable level.

High level of unaware of the society (especially schoolmasters) and authoritative-like managing system in the educational network remains one of the main problems because of undeveloped teaching programs, lack of necessary international standards of the teaching methodology.

The present problem lies in the fact that against a background of unbalanced state of normative, structural and personal providing, the educational system is considered as 4-year continuous teaching process with a teacher in class. A schoolmaster is mainly obliged to teach human rights (in Tbilisi Ė also Rights of Child) in the final stage of the elementary education. Accordingly almost 15000 IV-graders of more than 190 Tbilisi educational schools need qualified specialist for the new school year.

Proceeded from this a matter of re-training of almost 230 IV grade teachers and deputy directors of more than 190 Tbilisi schools are on an agenda. Settlement of the concrete matter must ensure practical realization of the teaching course. Specifically 15000 IV-graders of all Tbilisi educational schools will go through a course "Convention of Rights of Child".

Proceeded from above-stated aims, in 1998 the creative group at the Tbilisi Municipality Department of Education, under leadership of Mr. N. Soselia, developed the program of re-training of schoolmasters in the field of human rights, specifically "Convention of Rights of Child" adopted and financed by UNICEF.

On June 9, 2000 the next stage of above-mentioned program aiming re-training of elementary schoolmasters and deputy directors was launched under leadership of N. Soselia. Over June 9-19, 2000 200 schoolmasters and deputy directors went through a course. Re-training of the same number of those was planned over June 19-27, 2000, but effectuation of the UNICEF-sponsored program was terminated by the 06/19/2000 verbal order of Mr. V. Sanadze, deputy Minister of Education of Georgia and acting head of the Tbilisi Municipality Department of Education.

And what is more, Mr. V. Sanadze released Mr. N. Soselia, author and director of the UNICEF-supported program, from the office of deputy head of the Tbilisi Municipality Department of Education.

The "TIHRS" that experts actively participate in the practical realization of the program expresses anxiety in the connection of anti-constitutional and antidemocratic act of deputy Minister of Education of Georgia V. Sanadze and official persecution of Mr. N. Soselia.

In connection with above statement "TIHRS" ask you to appraise existed situation and take measures within your authority.

Kakhaber Gogashvili

President of the Tbilisi International Human Rights School

New projects of the Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia"

"For Peace in the South Caucasus"

The Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" with support of United States Institute of Peace launches the project "For Peace in the South Caucasus". Within the framework of project holding of various training-seminars for Georgian, Armenian and Azeri NGOs working in the field of conflict prevention and resolution, is planned. The project also covers the creation of field offices of the Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" in conflict zones(Zugdidi and Gori) and creation of public libraries oriented on conflict resolution and human rights materials.

"Juvenile prisoners Ė part of our society"

The Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" successfully completed the first phase of the project "Juvenile prisoners Ė part of our society". In the course of project various activities were undertaken in Avchala Juvenile colony. Among them the most important educational and rehabilitation activities. For several months seminars were held on various themes: human rights, children's; rights, sexually contagious diseases, library development, their expectations and future, foreign languages and so on.

Various educational and scientific films were demonstrated. Great attention was paid to the monitoring of current situation in prisons and the conditions prisoners are in. Also organization members worked with prison administration.

The implementation of project was possible only with the support of British Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia.

NGOs Human Rights in Georgia and LSL Center for Youth and Children's Programs and Projects Work out a Project on Child Advocacy

The NGOs intend to work out a Public Defender's structure, where children themselves will protect children's rights. The project also intends to issue children's Bulletin -"Public Defender", which will be designed and issued with active participation of children. In addition, a competition will be conducted in order to reveal future members of child advocacy.

Contact information: LSL Center, 74a Chavchavadze avenue, tel:(99532)

221765 22 or 345301, E-mail: or

"Human Rights in Georgia": 5 Mardjanishvili st, Tbilisi room 321-325, tel: (99532) 954835, E-mail:,

Free Consultations on Legal Issues in South Georgia

With the support of the "Open Society-Georgia" Foundation the Union of Democratic Meshketians has been implementing a project called " Right to Know". As a part of the project, next to the Akhaltsikhe police the organization will set up the office. Three lawyers and three advocates will provide the region citizens with juridical consultations, who face problems with local police, municipality, or other relevant structures. The organization will also monitor cases of citizens being detained by the government. The information about the activities carried out by the Union of Democrat Meshketians will be distributed in the region through printing posters telling the goals and objectives of the organization. In addition, a billboard with complete information about provided services will be placed at the central entrance of the office. The new address of the Union of Democrat Meshketians Juridical Service office will be announced as soon as a suitable apartment is selected for the office.

The vise-president of "Human Rights in Georgia" in Germany

A year ago the representatives of Bremen, Tbilisi and Paris universities launched the project funded by EU to send Georgian Students to Paris and Bremen to study (Tempus Mobility Project) on the faculties of law and economy. The active participation in project took the dean of law department of Tbilisi State University Professor Roman Shengelia, one of the coordinators of project. The German side was represented by professor Shepold the curator of foreign relations at law faculty in Bremen University, Ms. Harya Badovi the head of foreign academic service and professor Zimmerman.

In February 2000 these gentlemen visited Georgia to select Students. Also came representatives of Paris #8 University. Score of students participated in competition. The requirements were the good knowledge of language and positive reference. Commission decided to send to Germany 3 students of law faculty and one economist; to France one law student and one economist.

Among the winners was the vice president of Independent Society ,,Human Rights in Georgia" Giorgi Jugeli who studied in Bremen for one semester.

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