"Everyone has the rights to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law."

Article 8

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In today's issue:
and Asylum Rights
We demand the visit of Committee for the Prevention of Torture(CPT) of the Council of Europe

The Independent Society ,,Human Rights in Georgia" is seriously worried with the rapid growth of facts of torture inhuman/degrading treatment and punishment in Georgian prisons. The organization holds facts that took place in Georgia for last year. The organization considers Georgia as country with Police regime were torture and inhuman treatment has become common things. The Independent Society ,,Human Rights in Georgia" according to above mentioned demands the immediate visit of Committee for the Prevention of Torture(CPT) of the Council of Europe in Georgia.

The address to law enforcement bodies and Human Rights Protection Organizations

The Independent Society ,,Human Rights in Georgia" has made a declaration condemning the facts of persecution of journalists and representation Human Rights organization. It is focused on the fact of physical abuse of Mr. George Chanadiri, head of public relations service of the NGO "Human Rights in Georgia" and member of the organization Mr. Zviad Mamasakhlisi.

The organization condemns the fact of human rights violations and calls the law enforcement bodies for the observance of ethnical norms adopted by International commonwealth. The organization calls for the attention of Human Rights protection organizations also, because the activities performed recently (for the protection of Human Rights) is met with hostility by Law enforcement bodies in Georgia.

The persecution of journalists still goes on in Georgia

One more journalist has become victim of Police activities – Vasil Silagadze staff member of "Eco - digest" newspaper. Beaten, he laid home for several days. According to him at about 11, on July, 24, near the ministry of communications car stopped, three man went out of the car presented certain red-covered documents to Silagadze, introduced as police officers and asked him to follow them. The car was equipped with police lights. Instead of Police station he was taken somewhere else and physically abused, then they cut he’s two fingers and told him that for a while he would abandon writing. All this time they mentioned the article about one high rank official in law enforcement bodies.

Prior this fact an article ,,Police is rather well off without a salary, the property of K. Targamadze(Georgian Minister of Interior) increases day by day" was published in ,,Eco - digest". In article the life of ordinary policemen is compared with Minister’s one and the tax payer’s declaration of Targamadze is published. If we look at it, nothing has changed in the declaration since 1998. It is surprising that the apartment at Mitskevichi st. 17 which occupies thee floors is estimated for 70 000 Laries. According to Silagadze it is senseless to take criminal action on this fact because no one will investigate it and it will be covered with thick dust.

The case of journalist Kapanadze was brought before the Supreme Court

The Independent Society ,,Human Rights in Georgia" contacted journalist George Kapanadze and found out that court proceeding against Police officer Devnos Gabatashvili, who is accused in Physical abuse of Kapanadze, was presided by judge Mtvarisa Pukhashvili. The decision was taken to return the case to investigation because of insufficient evidence. Kapanadze appealed the decision in Supreme court. The decision of Supreme court will be taken by the end of August.

Last year on 14th of October George Kapanadze together with his colleagues were going to the small city Mtskheta to the celebration of the annual date "Mtskhetoba". But the group of policeman stopped them by Mtskheta and didn’t allow them to enter the city with no explanations. When kapanadze expressed his objection, he was awfully beaten by policemen and most active of them was the private Devhoz Gabatasvili.

After that, incident, when those policemen found out that kapanadze was going to sue their colleague, they tried to give the reporter a bribe, but their suggestion was denied. Policemen will be called in the Court as witnesses in the nearest future. Kapanadze demands 100 000 laries (about 50000$) as a compensation for his moral and physical abuse.

Several facts of physical abuse of journalists had taken place recently in Georgia but still nobody is responsible for that.

Chugureti District Police is accused of Cruelty

On the 6th of July Zviad Mamasakhlisi, the representative of Independent Society ,,Human Rights in Georgia", and his friend Tamaz Varsimashvili were attacked by five policemen. According to Mamasakhlisi – when he and his friend were sitting in car near Chugureti district Police office, Policemen approached the car and mockingly asked them "Are you waiting for "ladies?", when they heard the polite answer began beating them and took them to the police station. The health of the two is seriously damaged. The chief of Police refuses the fact. According to him if these persons were beaten (by someone else) they had to approach police. But even so, would policemen condemn the policemen?

Human Rights Directorate of Caucasus

Several non-governmental organizations in Georgia have established the Human Rights Directorate of Caucasus. The Directorate members are the following organizations: Georgian Committee against Torture, Human Rights Information and Documentation Center, Constitutional Rights Protection Center, Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia", Tbilisi International School of Human Rights.

The main goal of the Directorate is to create a joint system for the effective protection of human rights in Caucasus region. Directorate will support all new initiatives of any governmental or non - governmental organizations, which will be relevant to the goals of the Directorate.

The prisoner slashed his belly

On the 7th of August in the second colony of Rustavi, prisoner David Murgoev who demanded the fulfillment of Parliament Resolution of 20th April slashed his belly. Surgeons operated him at the spot. Murgoev is one of 10 prisoners who had demanded from government the fulfillment of their conditions (one of them is the transfer of Prisoner Z. Kvaratskelia to State Prison Hospital). The prisoner committee this act in order to save his friends, in order to attract attention of Public. The term of ultimatum is about to exhaust – no reaction. No one knows what happens then. "The responsibility lies on persons who did not carry out the 20th April resolution" declared the president of ,,Prisoners commonwealth" Lali Aptsiauri. She also declared that the release of prisoners was not carried out on equal basis. Some 160 still remain in prison.

The representative of ,,Alia" newspaper in Police Station

On the 4th of August, at 9 o’clock, in the Marshal Gelovani ave. in Tbilisi dark Toyota Land Cruiser went off the highway and crashed into the Gas station ,,Sierra" commercial. The journalists of ,,Alia" came to the spot. One of the gathered people, middle aged man with eyeglasses tried to pull out the car. The man and the driver of the jeep (jeep which tried to, pull out Toyota) tried to take away camera. In this ,,process" camera was seriously damaged. The police took the driver of the jeep and middle aged man (Nodar Dolidze – as it later appeared) together with ,,Alia" journalist to the Head office of the Ministry of interior. After taking the explanations both sides were taken to a drug–test. Dolidze appeared to be slightly drunk. Journalist was sober. ,,Alia" demands to find out what happened.

Kervalishvili demands to release the detainee

According to Giorgi Kervalishvili, head of the "Association of Human Rights of Georgia", the producer of the only Georgian theatre in Saingilo Anzor Dolenjashvili, was absolutely arbitrarily dismissed. The court decision demanded his imprisonment for 3 years. The declaration of Mr. Kervalishvili reads as follows: ,,According to our strong belief Mr. Dolenjashvili became the victim of defamation, when he was accused in taking the money of theatre. The only reason of these accusations is the will to take away him from the activity of national importance". The association deems Dolenjashvili (who has 5 children) the prisoner of conscience and demands his release. The association asks Public to support this national action otherwise it will employ extreme measures.

NGO Strives to Refine Methods of Teaching Human Rights in

Georgian Schools

With the support of the Netherlands X minus Y Solidarity Fund the Independent Society – "Human Rights in Georgia" has been implementing a project with the purpose of raising the quality and level of the teaching of human rights in Georgia. With this goal in mind, the NGO has been conducting human rights classes in selected secondary schools. Video material provided by the Council of Europe is used as a visual part of the teaching program. Pursuant to the project, the NGO has also issued some educational brochures on human rights. The organization intends to continue the project from September 2000.

Independent Society - Human Rights in Georgia Protects Refugee, IDPs and Asylum Rights

With the support of the Norwegian Human Rights Fund the Independent Society – "Human Rights in Georgia", another project has been implemented, which is aiming at protecting the rights of Refugees', IDPs and Asylum Seekers. With this goal in mind, the society conducts various of training-seminars, creates a database of refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs. All these persons are provided with free consultations on for their legal concerns and how their rights can be protected in the courts free of charge.

Contact address: 5 Mardzanishvili , 3 floor, room # 321-325;

Tbilisi-12, Tel/fax: 954835; 8(99)508036; E-mail:

Contact person Ucha Nanuashvili



CaucasusNOW OnLine Directory is listing organizations, individuals and experts actively working on global, regional and national issues relating to

women and civil society.

CaucasusNOW is a unique regional initiative which advocates for the needs of women in the region and supports the development of civil society. It aims

to encourage and facilitate exchange of information and collaboration between individuals and organisations working on issues affecting women,

their families and communities.

CaucasusNOW is a virtual community created by a Network of Women on-line. This web-based information service will be supported with conferences, seminars, issue specific Network Platforms, study groups and training workshops to facilitate communication and information exchange.

CaucasusNOW aims to promote civil society by:

* Encouraging individual and institutional capacity building initiatives

* Promoting entrepreneurial activity

* Advocating all human rights for all

* Undertaking research and publication

* Organizing national and regional conferences, seminars and workshops

* Developing professional skills and business management training

CaucasusNOW provides a series of strategic gateways to the health, commerce, environment and gender sectors which focus on issues related to women and

vital to the growth of civil society and democratisation in the region.




WomenAid Georgia, currently implementing a Multi-Media Anti-Trafficking Campaign, is the Caucasus Gateway partner of WomenAid International Network (WIN) and assumes the responsibility for developing the Caucasus Coalition Against Violence (CCAV).

The Caucasus Coalition Against Violence (CCAV):

* is a regional initiative formed to advocate and strengthen the human rights of women and children in the region and to prevent violence against


* undertakes, stimulates and coordinates action and programmes, which are defending human rights and advocating for the prevention of violence in all

sectors of social development.

* aims to encourage and facilitate exchange of information and collaboration between individuals and organisations in the region to unite efforts

combating violence.

* Initiates and sustains cross-platform dialogue between representatives drawn from women's groups, NGOs, media, and relevant state departments and

education authorities to create awareness of the importance of working towards ending all forms of violence against women and children in public

and in private life in accordance with the CEDAW Convention, The Child Rights Convention, the Vienna Declaration, the Declaration on Violence

Against Women, the Beijing Platform for Action and all other related documents.

The Caucasus Coalition Against Violence is organising a Caucasus wide

16 Days of Action Against Violence, [November 25 - December 10] - part of an annual international campaign which developed from the First Women's Global

Leadership Institute in 1991.

For more on the Coalition visit Or contact

The Caucasus Coalition Against Violence at

For further information contact:

WomenAid Georgia, Health and Gender Equity Center, 22 Khorava Street Tbilisi

Tel/fax: (995 32) 23 24 91

Masters Programme in International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Beaver College, Philadelphia, USA

A new and innovative Graduate (Masters) Program in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at Beaver College, Philadelphia, PA.

The program offers candidates an opportunity to be trained in a broad range of fields, including contending approaches to international peace and conflict resolution, public international law, the techniques and practices of negotiations and mediation, the protection of human rights, the role of the media in conflict resolution, the international and national protection of refugees, as well as international diplomacy and economics.

The most outstanding feature of the program is its emphasis on an inter-disciplinary approach to conflict settlement and prevention in a volatile international environment. Candidates will have the additional benefit of being exposed to a multitude of new teaching technologies, including the Internet, video-conferencing, etc.

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Program brochures as well as application forms and additional information about Beaver College are also available by post.

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Alexander Morawa, Deputy Program Director

International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program, Beaver College

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The Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto announces creation of a Graduate Scholarship in Reproductive Health Law, leading to the Master of Law (LL.M.) or Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.). The scholarship is designed to permit law graduates from outside Canada who have interest in human rights and women's health in their countries to undertake advanced research and study in this emerging field of law. It is competitive program admitting approximately 30 students each year from all regions of the world.

Applicants must be fluent in English. Applicants whose primary language is not English and who have not completed at least one year of coursework at a post-secondary institution where the language of institution is English must complete one of the following tests at the time an application is submitted:


Deadline for application: February 01 of each year.

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Applications should be submitted in clear dark type, printed on one side only, without staples.

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For more information, please contact: Jennifer Giglio e-mail: <>, tel: (202) 691-4246, fax: (202)691-4247.

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